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SUCKERPUNCH Signed TV Oversized Tee Box Set - White

Limited Edition Box Set Includes:

Signed Jewel Case CD
Recyclable Limited Edition Box
Suckerpunch TV Oversized T-Shirt 
Suckerpunch Sticker Set (3.5")


1. intro / welcome in
2. take me nowhere
3. she knows it
4. casualty of your dreams
5. self sabotage
6. phases
7. i'm so lonely with you
8. break me! (ft. siiickbrain)
9. girl next door
10. we never even dated
11. novocaine
12. you're not special
13. hear me out
14. how could you do this to me? (ft. kellin quinn)
15. cages

Box Dimensions: 7.75” x 7.5” x 3.5”

S/M size fits like an XL and M/L size fits like 2XL